Date: February 6, 2004

(Please circulate to GO-Travel management)


I traveled with GO-Travel Direct, to Cuba from January 18th to January 25th;  Coralia Club Playa de Oro.  This was my fourth trip to Cuba and my 10th to the Caribbean.

Coming back in the plane, as I was reviewing this wonderful week of R&R with a (also wonderful) friend I met there, I decided I had to write GO-Travel and offer my congratulations.

Indeed, like I said, I have traveled a bit and I have used various travel agencies.  I feel that GO-Travel has been the best, and by far.  Your organisation, service and support, before, during and after the trip are excellent and professional.

Specifically, I need to let you know that you have the best local representative that I ever had the pleasure of dealing with.   Kieran was friendly, helpful, present, interested, professional, fun, happy and overall, a very nice person.  I hope you can recruit similar people in all the resorts you offer.

I have already started to recommend your services to friends and family and I definitely will use GO-Travel again myself.


P.S. I have posted my pictures at

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